Nearing the finsh

Hi, it's been another busy week and the finish line for the Supernova2 engine is pretty near. Last time I wrote a post I had 22 out of 71 rooms implemented. Now I have finished implementing all of the rooms and the only thing missing is the outro. The game is playable from start to end, so my work for the next week will at first be, implementing the outro, then a lot of bughunting and once I can't find any more bugs, preparing to and eventually merge the supernova and supernova2 engines.

Implementing rooms is pretty boring and repetitive task, but still one interesting thing happened. There is a part of the game, where the player is supposed to steal a dinosaur skeleton from a museum. There are pressure sensors, cameras and a security guard wandering around the museum and player has to evade all of that in order to not get caught and not trigger the alarm. The implementation of the alarm sound in the original code is pretty simple, it's a few rows of assembly using the OUT…

Second week: it's starting to look interesting

Hello, another week passed and a lot of progress was made on the Supernova 2 engine. On Monday I started with 4 out of 71 rooms programmed, now I am at around 22 rooms.

There was also a small change in the schedule. Originally I wanted to leave sound to the end, since I think it is the least important part of the engine and it wouldn't be that bad if I didn't manage to add it before the end of Google Summer of Code. Because now I am not that worried that I don't finish the engine in time, I am adding the sound alongside with everything else.

Today I got stuck on pretty interesting problem. I was working on a labyrinth inside a pyramid (it was labyrinth in game but also a labyrinth in code, so I had no idea about the overall layout of the labyrinth). Everything looked quite good, I could walk around and it looked like in the original game. But then I added a special room with puzzle:
and I thought it would be a good idea to actually try if the puzzle works by solving it. So…

Supernova2 engine after the first week

Hello reader, it has been more than a week since my last post and I have the first week of work done.The plan for this week was to create a tool to generate English translation, make a basic engine and make ScummVM assign the Mission Supernova 2 game to that engine.

When I made the schedule for this Google Summer of Code, I planed to use the engine for the first game as a template. I knew the games are quite similar, but I thought I would still have to change quite a lot of the methods and accordingly to that I made the schedule. So far it looks like I quite misjudged the similarities of the games. I started slowly, copying from the first engine only the really essential parts. Then I was carefully as I needed them adding more and more methods with just some little adjustments until I basically ended up with almost identical engine except for the really specific parts (rooms, objects, ...). I guess that if I started by copying the whole first engine and deleting what isn't needed …

Getting ready to work

Because from today the 3 weeks of studying for exams are over, I can finally start focusing on the project again and give an update on what I want to achieve in the following days.

Before the actual coding starts and I dive deep into the project, I want to take a short brake, so I can recover my sanity after almost non-stop studying for 3 weeks and catch up with my sleep deficit. But still, there are a few things I need to take care of:

Updating my fork of the ScummVM repository My fork is a few months behind the official repository now, this should take just a few minutes.
Plan the first week of coding I have the project planed into weeks in my GSoC application, but I would like to take a few minutes every weekend to think about the task for the upcoming week and divide it into even smaller sub tasks for each day of the week.
Maybe buy another monitor Since I am used to work in 2 terminal windows next to each other (one running vim with the code I am working on, the other one running vi…


Hello reader!

I am Jaromír Wysoglad, a student of computer science from Czech Republic.

I have been accepted to work for ScummVM on Mission Supernova 2 engine as part of Google Summer of Code 2019.

I'm looking forward to working on the project throught the summer and give updates through this blog.